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Message to Industry – New Notices to Importers for 2021 Calendar Year TRQs

Global Affairs Canada has prepared new Notices to Importers for the 2021 calendar year TRQs with an application period starting on October 1, 2020 and a deadline of November 15, 2020. 

These Notices can be found on the Supply-Managed TRQs website.

The Notices reflect previous efforts to simplify and centralize information and should be read in conjunction with the General Information on the Administration of TRQs for Supply-Managed Products and the Key Dates and Access Quantities 2020-2021: TRQs for Supply-Managed Products. Also note that corresponding revisions have been made to the respective application forms.

Changes to the TRQ application process resulting from COVID-19

Recognizing the continued impacts COVID-19 is having on stakeholders’ ability to conduct normal operations, Global Affairs Canada will be implementing changes for the 2021 calendar year TRQ application process.

On an exceptional basis, the requirement to provide an accountant's letter for the upcoming TRQ applications is waived. 

Moreover, given that access to certain Government of Canada facilities has been severely restricted due to COVID-19 measures, all TRQ applications are to be submitted electronically. The email address to which you must submit your application is included in the application form for each respective TRQ.

New contact information related to dairy TRQs

Please be advised that the contact information related to certain dairy TRQs has changed, effective immediately. For any enquiries or to submit applications, please use the new commodity specific email addresses listed on the Application Forms and our Contact Us page.



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