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Foreign direct investment and Canadian direct investment abroad

Direct investment is an important driver of innovation, competitiveness and economic prosperity. Access reports about who invests in Canada and where they choose to invest (foreign direct investment - FDI) as well as where Canadian companies invest abroad (Canadian direct investment abroad - CDIA).

Reshoring trend? What the evidence shows

Understand how businesses make location decisions and learn whether data reveal reshoring trends

Understanding Canada's performance on the OECD's FDI regulatory restrictiveness index

Learn more about Canada's regulatory environment for FDI and its score on the OECD index

Canada’s competitiveness for foreign direct investment – key facts

Stay apprised of Canada’s economy and benefits – 3 editions per year

Explaining the volatility of foreign direct investment flows

Understand the significant volatility of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows over time

Canada’s performance as measured by the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index

Find out about Canada’s performance in all 10 areas of the Ease of Doing Business Index

Canadian direct investment in developing countries: A descriptive analysis

Discover where Canada invest in developing countries and in which sectors

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