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Canada-Latvia relations

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Bilateral relations

Canada and Latvia enjoy a positive relationship, including as NATO Allies, based on shared fundamental values, including support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and for the rules-based international order.

Latvia hosts Canada’s largest overseas military deployment, where Canada is the “Framework Nation” for the NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battlegroup. Canada and Latvia are working closely to fulfil commitments made by NATO leaders to increase the deployment of NATO troops to the Alliance’s eastern flank to deter and defend against Russian aggression.

Canada did not recognize the Soviet annexation of the Baltic States and was the first G7 country to recognize the restoration of Latvia's independence in 1991.

Canada is represented in Latvia by an Embassy in Riga. Latvia is represented in Canada by an Embassy in Ottawa. Latvia also has Honorary Consulates in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Trade relations

In February 2017, Latvia became the first EU Member State to ratify the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Strategic Partnership Agreement.

Canada and Latvia have a robust trade relationship. Canada’s exports to Latvia were $422.4 million in 2023, up 5.1% from 2022.

Imports from Latvia were $131 million in 2023, up 58.7% from 2022.

The stock of Canadian direct investment in Latvia was valued at $3.0 million at the end of 2023.

Data on the value of the stock of Latvian direct investments in Canada is not available.

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Defence cooperation

Canada was the first country to ratify Latvia's accession to NATO in 2004. Through Operation REASSURANCE, Canada is leading the multinational deployment in Latvia as Framework Nation, contributing more than 700 troops.

In July 2023, Canada announced $2.6 billion in funding, starting in 2023-24, to renew and expand Operation REASSURANCE for three years, with up to 2,200 troops to be persistently deployed in Europe.

In addition, Canada contributes to the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence located in Riga.

Canadian Armed Forces personnel also train and exercise side-by-side with their Latvian counterparts, and participate in NATO Force Integration Units in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Partnerships and organizations

To develop effective responses to today’s most pressing global challenges, Canada and Latvia work closely in forums, such as:

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