Authentication of documents: 5. After you send your document

We do not offer in-person service. All requests must be submitted by mail. For information about our service and instructions on submitting your request, please read steps 1234. If you have further questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our service is offered free of charge. For up-to-date information on processing time, see Processing times.

Check the status of your request

If you are in Canada and have not received your documents back from our office after 75 business days (approximately 3 months and 10 days), you can fill out the Authentication of Documents Status Request Form to seek an update on the status of your request. If you submitted your document from abroad, the wait time to request a status update is 80 business days (approximately 3 months and 20 days).

If you have asked us to forward your documents to an embassy, high commission or consulate, please check the status of your documents with them first.

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