Authentication of documents: 5. After you send your document

The Apostille Convention took effect in Canada on January 11, 2024

Visit the Changes to authentications services in Canada for information on changes to authentication services in Canada.

Our processing times are higher than normal

Check the Alternatives to authentication page before sending your request to the Authentication Services Section.

If there are alternative options available for any document in your submission, it may take longer to process your request.

Please be aware that processing times are consistent whether you submit directly to our department or through a third-party service provider.

Checking the status of your request

Following the changes that came into effect on January 11, 2024, documents may now qualify for authentication by a provincial Competent Authority. If you wish to withdraw a request that is pending processing at Global Affairs Canada to submit it to a provincial office that would now be able to authenticate your document, please follow the instructions outlined in the Changes to authentication services in Canada page under “Withdrawing a request for authentication at Global Affairs Canada to submit it to a provincial Competent Authority”.

We will only provide status updates for requests that were submitted to our office. If your document was sent to a provincial competent authority, please contact them directly about the status of your request.

Please note that we can provide a status update regarding a request only after a minimum wait time has lapsed. If you have asked us to forward your documents to an embassy, high commission or consulate, check the status of your documents with them first.

For information on the minimum wait time to request a status update and to access the status update form, please visit Check the status of your request to authenticate documents.

Please note that we do not offer expedited services. If you have urgent circumstances, please check the information found under Processing times.

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